How To Wear Sequin Shorts After NYE

If you’re a sparkle enthusiast like me I have good news for you! You don’t have to put away all your sequin clothes just yet…Take a look at some of the ways that I love to wear sequins after NYE. It may be a little difficult to pull off a sequin dress after NYE, but this may be due to the cliche NYE dress that’s so popular for NY. As for sequin pants, and shorts, those are the way to go! As much as I love sequin pants, its very easy to appear as if you’re coming from an 80’s disco. So….the easiest way to avoid any confusion with a disco, take the sequin shorts route all the way!

For a great condensed list of sequin shorts take a look at this link:

If you’re not looking to spend a lot on these shorts I would suggest looking at stores such as H&M and Forever 21. I found an adorable pair of sequin shorts at Forever 21 for only $21!! With items this cheap you have to be super weary of the fabric falling apart or even the length of the material. After trying on these shorts at Forever 21 they were way to short!! I loved the sequin pattern, but the length was way too short (which was highly unflattering), and the sequins looked like they were about to fall off.

After looking at numerous cheaper stores, such as Forever 21 and H&M I had no luck in finding the right pair of sequin shorts. However, I did find an affordable pair at Anthropology! Take a look at these cute, high-waisted sequin shorts:


If you’re looking to go the classy route, go for these! They are high-waisted so you can wear them with a tucked in shirt or tank, or wear them with a peplum shirt just like the model did here. I love how they look with some sheer black tights also. This would be a perfect look for a more formal event wear you’re trying to change your look up a little. These shorts are $60, so they are a little pricier, but not crazy overpriced. However, I didn’t end up going for these because I don’t like how they flare out at the bottom. This flaring could help make your legs appear thinner, but it could also work against you.

I found the perfect pair of sequin shorts on Tobi!! Unfortunately they cost $120, but they are stunning and look gorgeous on. These aztek print sequin shorts are colorful, the right length and perfect for many occasions.


These shorts look great with a cropped top; a loser one preferentially only because the shorts are on the tighter side. I haven’t tried them on with sheer tights yet, but that may work…

I personally love them without any tights, and with pointed toed platforms. But, be careful to not go too high with heel, since the shorts are still a little bit on the shorter side. Because these shorts are high-waisted, the length looks great.


Fur and Fold Over Combat Boots

I can’t believe that combat boots are still triumphing in the fashion world today. It seems that some fads seem to die fast. For example, off the top of my head I can list a few: berkenstocks, church girl shirts, juicy couture track suits etc. However, there are many trends that I would have expected to die out that continue to persevere in the fashion world. First most surprising one are Ugg boots. Yes, the ugly Australian “beach shoes” that people chose to wear in the winter are domineering to this day. This also has to do with the fact that the Ugg company has expanded their style of shoes. Uggs used to just include the long or short boots, but then Ugg introduced slippers, loafers, and even cute stylish “non-suede” boots. So as far as the combat boots, I think it is in a similar pattern. Combat boots used to be very basic. Black grungy combat lace-up boot. Now, there are all sorts of boot lengths, colors, combat heeled boots, and one of the most popular now are the fold over combat boots.

Take a look at this snap of a few high-fashion models sporting fold over combat boots:


The great thing about fold over combat boots is that you can wear them with pretty much anything. The model on the left and right look very chic and classic, but they add some variety to their outfit by adding the combat boots. The model in the middle looks a little more grungy (matching the style of the combat boots) with her frayed and flared out skirt.

I love the way the fold over combat boots look. I actually don’t own a pair of fold over combat boots, but I have a regular lace-up black combat boots. I’ve been looking for the fold-over combat boots because I think they are a great mix to the regular old combat  boot. Here’s a cute pair I found in Macy’s:


If you’re looking for a classic fold over combat boot, this one is for you. Its super affordable, the leather looks well made, and its the perfect length hitting about mid-calf.

If you’re looking for a warm winter fold over combat boot, I found a perfect pair on Zappos. I love combat boots, but they aren’t always the warmest of boots. But, I also hate wearing my big chunky fur Sorrel boots. I’m definitely getting these Steve Madden boots:

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.58.05 AM

I can’t wait until these arrive. Per usual, the weather in Chicago has been unpredictable, ranging from 12 degrees to 50 degrees, but I would say I’m safe to wear these fold over fur combat boots. I also found some other really cute fur fold over combat boots and some other varieties on Resultly.

As much as I complained about certain trends that have not ended yet, I will admit I was also a customer of Ugg, Church Girl shirts, berkenstocks, you name it. This doesn’t mean you can’t change up the trend and make it look a little original and different. So, with these combat boots I decided to go with the fur fold over combat boots to be a little “unique”.

Ankle Strap Flats

Ankle strap flats are a great way to dress up any look! I’m all about wearing flats, they are comfy and cute, especially ones that have a strap, they are a great way to dress up any look! I’m obsessed and I’m here to tell you why you should be obsessed as well. They are so cute.

ankle strap flats


I’m just loving this super cute style. From pointy to flats to the traditional rounded toe flats, make sure they have a strap!

I recently found this great app and it is a great resource to find ankle strap flats. It is called Resultly! It is a pretty cool shopping app in general, but when I did my search for ankle strap flats I was given so many great results. You can check them out here: Just so many fun options.

Now I’m going to show you some of my favorite ways to wear this great new style. They are a great way to dress up a pair of jeans. You can also totally get away with wearing this fun style with a skirt or dress! Weather it is an evening out or a day in the office you’ve got to get on top of this shoe trend.

As I was saying before, ankle strap flats are a great wardrobe investment since you can dress them down and dress them up with ease. Check out this blog for even more info on how to do so! I just love how versatile this shoe is!

ankle strap flats

From denim to evening wear these flats really hold up. I also really like how they add such a classy vibe to any look. I’m super obsessed with that black top and skirt look! Isn’t it chic.

Ankle strap flats are such a great shoe for those nights you do not want to wear heels.  I’m pretty tall, and these are a must when I don’t want to be towering over my friends! They are also perfect for a night full of dancing or if you are spending the day walking around town.

Speaking of, if you are planning a vacation, I would strongly suggest packing a neutral pair of ankle strap flats since they are so versatile.

I purchased mine from Nordstrom, and I love them. I’m constantly getting compliments on them.  Seriously, they are like my favorite purchase ever. I would highly suggest purchasing a pair that are of a nicer quality.

Alright, thats all ladies! Go out and get those ankle strap flats!



Color Alert: Cobalt

Blue is my favorite color. I do not have blue colored eyes but whenever I wear this color, I feel that my facial features are being highlighted and it seems to be a very calm color, which does not make my look aggressive or dull but just an in-between since a friend of mine said that my face looks very stern like a librarian.

I think I own about every shade of blue that the fashion industry has released and now, I have my eyes set on this color, Cobalt Blue.

I have been seeing a lot of dresses with this color so I got intrigued and being a fanatic, I have to get myself one no, let me correct that I need to get one.

Resultly’s website has a lot of offerings for this dress and one of them is this Guess cobalt blue dress.

cobalt blue dress

I think this color is a cross between electric blue and royal blue. It looks very regal, like the color of royalty. If I own this dress, I would not accessorize much. The dress and the color in itself can stand on its own. Black pointed pumps can be paired off with this dress if you plan to wear this on a very important client meeting or strappy sandals if you will be going out for a date. This dress is perfect for those first dates since you want to make a first impression with that guy, right? You can accentuate the look by maybe adding a scarf over your neck or a long faux pearl necklace.

Laidback cobalt blue dresses are also famous for the celebrities. has even featured dresses worn by Blake Lively, Zoeey Deschanel even what was worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. Want to steal their look? Check this link from Resultly: to get more casual cobalt dresses to choose from.

cobalt blue dress

Seeing these fashion inspirations made me love this color more. I don’t think it is not that hard to pair off this color. Blake Lively was even able to pair her cobalt blue dress with coral strappy sandals!

There really is no need to convince me to get one because I definitely will! I just need to look for my credit card so that I can start purchasing these dresses. Did I just say dresses? Oh yes, I plan to purchase two or three cobalt blue dresses. You will never know how many blue dresses that you will need for the whole year, right? LOL! Purchase justified!

Leopard booties to clinch the date

So last weekend my girl friends and I are on our way downtown to go out in the city. As we’re in the cab heading to the bar, my one friend says, “do you guys want to stop by the boys to pregame?” The boys being her guy friends from college, so we say sure, whynot. Tell the cabbie to keep heading up north until we get to their bach pad. I had met them a few times before but naturally I had to reintroduce myself. Nice guys, but is my face really not that memorable? Rude. So we’re talking, standing around the kitchen, etc, then we finally decide to hit up the bar scene. So off we go, hop in the cabs, get to the bars and order a drink. We’re standing around cheering, talking, flirting, having a great time. Long story short and I’ll skip the gory details, but I hit it off with one of the guys. He was nice, fun, and super cute- nothing more a girl needs. The night lasted a while, we had such a fun time which led into a great morning. The girls and I left, headed home, wondering what had just happened and where this would take us.

Well it took me to a date night, and this is where I know you guys are interested! So, he asked me on a date and I undoubtedly said yes. Dinner and drinks sounded good to me, so now it’s time for the juicy details: MY OUTFIT!

I had this super amazing red dress I bought from Lulu’s that I really wanted to wear. I had bought it for a family shindig in Viva Las Vegas, and was waiting for a time to wear it out.

red dress


We planned to go out at 8pm. The perfect time for a date. So now that I had the dress picked out, I needed the shoes. After major contemplation as to what style and color I thought would look best, I decided to go with the MICHAEL Michael Kors Pointed Toe Leopard Booties. I Found them using this cool app called Resultly!

leopard booties

I’m literally freaking out just looking at these gorgeous pieces of gold. Nothing could have gone better with the dress, and I think he seemed to agree. If you want to feel bold, confident, and beautiful, on a first date, 300th date, or any occasion in between, leopard and red is the way to do it.  It might even be the ultimate way to a man’s heart. No stats behind that… yet ;)

Let me know if there’s other occasions you want me to post the perfect outfits about, but here you have it for my spicy first date out!


How To Wear Peplum

Out of all the different styles of dresses, the peplum skirt is by far the most popular. For one, on all the Red Carpet events I have seem numerous celebrities wear them. Take a look at this snapshot of all these different celebrities strutting the red carpet in either peplum skirts or peplum dresses:


It seems that this is all the same peplum dress, but there are numerous times I could count celebs wearing peplum to some event. However, I have noticed that for most of the occasions that I have seen them worn, black was a popular color. Perhaps its because the peplum shape itself brings so much extra curvature to one’s figure that black keeps it toned down. I have seen colored peplum skirts worn really well, but black is a more popular choice.

I was never really enthralled by peplum. Whether it was a peplum top, skirt or dress I have been hesitant to wear any of those styles. The reason for this disinterest in peplum is because it is so easy to choose a color or brand that is unflattering. Like I said, the peplum style is simply an extra layer of material that is usually placed at the hips, often adding more of a curve or extension to your hips. If the material used to create the dress is good quality and the color is right you can make it work. I found a few on Resultly that were great choices.

I also found a nice peplum skirt that is perfect for NYE! Take a look at this cute gold peplum skirt I found on Tobi.


I love this peplum skirt for NYE! Even though the color is a brighter gold, I don’t think it should be unflattering. The material seems to be strong enough to keep everything in place. I also like how the peplum in this case doesn’t extend too far out on the sides, and is more of a material surround the entire top half of the skirt. This skirt is about $40, so if you’re not looking to spend too much money for a NY dress, simply pair it with a crop top or body suit and you’re ready for the night!

If you’re looking for a more conservative peplum skirt, but are willing to spend some more dinero, I found a great one on Nasty Gal.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 3.33.59 PM

This is a great skirt if you’re looking for some structure and sexiness in your skirt. The peplum design at the top adds some definition and the slit in the front adds sex appeal to the long black skirt. You can pair it with an oversized tee like they did with this model, or you can pair it with a crop top or body suit. I love this skirt because you can wear it to a work event, family party or wear it on a night out with your friends. Simply change the top depending on what occasion you are getting ready for. Since the long pencil like skirt already hugs the skirt the slit helps lift this tightness from the entire look. I also like that it is high waisted. The tight fit at the waist helps flatter your figure. I hope one of these peplum skirts will be one of your choices!

Tuxedo Dressing in Different Ways

A friend of mine has sent out a dinner invite to me with a theme “Dress Like a Man”. After turning the card over, there was a note saying, “Dress in your best Tux”. I initially thought it was a joke but when I RSVP’d, I did ask her what the codes were all about.

She was mum about it but kept telling me to wear my best tuxedo. Since I do not have a tuxedo with me and it was a bit late to have one made, I searched Google for Tuxedos and got intrigued because there was a suggestive phrase, tuxedo dress.

I clicked on that and I was brought to a certain kind of fashion that I have never known – tuxedo dress. Okay, before you all hit the X button on me, let me explain. Yes, I know what tuxedos are. Men wear them on formal events but tuxedos for women? What I envision is a tuxedo being worn by a woman paired with dress pants. Right?

I browsed through online and did actually see a lot of nice tuxedo dresses at Resultly and Ebay.

I think Jennifer Lawrence and I have the same idea of what a tuxedo dress is – an oversized tuxedo.

tuxedo dress

I stumbled upon a Rachel Zoe dress and it was gorgeous. The tuxedo lining was kept as the main focus of the dress and instead of it just being a bland tuxedo jacket; she overlapped the satin lining and created a large pleat in the middle making it a simple shift dress. This can be paired with a boots or strappy heels depending on where you would be going, I guess.

As the hunt for the dress continues, I was also led to check dresses here on Resultly. Click here to see. There were different cuts of the tux that made it interesting for yours truly.

I don’t think I have seen any other color for this dress other than black, white or the combination of both. Because of this, I think you can inject colors on your accessories like your shoes, bags or neckpieces but of course if you would want to let the masculine effect stay, it is best to just stick with the color palette.

Since this dress has really interest me, I think I might need to get two of these dresses because it will not only be perfect for that dinner party but I can also include this in my work wardrobe. Remember, one can never have too many dresses.

Now, I need to check if I have the shoes to go with it. Also, need to make a mental note to thank my friend for this. Laters!