Best Tips For Choosing A Camping Tent

Spending time with families going camping is something very happy and gorgeous so these days, people often think of camping and outdoor activities instead of having parties at home. Sometimes, we need to change our surroundings to create new interesting atmosphere. In camping, choosing a tent seems to be one of the most important factors. The size, design and quality of the tent all have a strong impact on your trip. Today I will give you some tips about buying a camping tent.

As said above, a camping tent has to please all the demands of quality, size and design. Tips for considering those factors are presented as bellows.

  1. Tent size

It is extremely important to choose a camping tent of the right size and this is usually the first criteria people think of before considering other ones. The tent size is affected by the number of users.

Therefore, you ought to estimate how many people will use the tent. Usually, tents which are for 2, 4, and 6 members are more popular but some larger types can be for 12 members (maximum number).

  • However, there are some notes for choosing tent size as follows.
  • The tent has to provide enough space for people and all utensils
  • Spare one third of the space for storing all the things
  • The space for people is measured to double our body sizes

We should remember these tips since a lot of people choose the tent only by estimating the space for them to sleep at night. During the camp, we will have more activities and we will need more space for storing and relaxing of the whole team.

  1. Tent design

The tents are designed with 4 most popular shapes like A shape, Umbrella, Dome and Wall shape. The first design is of the most popularity as it has small sizes and is suitable for 2 people or children.

The two last tents are quite large and the assembling and reassembling seem to be more difficult. However, it is advantageous when we require a space for gathering all our camping team.

The dome tent is often used when we go camping in the region with strong wind or in mountainous areas.

  1. Tent cloth

Of course, the tent cloth has to be waterproof. Almost all the tent cloth nowadays is made of nylon with a waterproof layer. There are one layer and two – layer tents.

The advantage of using the former type is that we have a chance to enjoy fresh air thanks to its thin layer. The air can come into the tent to remove all the smell of food or shoes and bring new pure atmosphere. It is often used for summer camps.

By contrast, the two – layer tent cloth is thick and cannot let their air come in easily. However, it has a good ability to protect us from toxic wind at night and strong wind in the winter. It can also resist rain very effectively. Therefore, this type is used for winter camps.

  1. Tent pole

Tent poles are significant, too. The steadiness of the pole will insure the safety for users. As usual, the tent pole is made of aluminum or glass fiber. In the market today, the glass fiber pole is said to be more durable than the aluminum one. However, it may have vertical scratches and cracks. Thus, when you choose to buy tent poles, you have to take notice of all the fibers.

  1. The zipper

Nowadays, almost all the tent has at least one zipper in order that we can lock the tent and create a reserved atmosphere when we go to bed. It is true that we may encounter insects and some types of reptiles, which will threaten all of us. However, with the zippers, we will lock the tent and prevent the intrusion of such creature.

These are almost all the factors related to camping tent. Before buying, we need a detailed analysis as this so that we will be more proactive in choosing a good tent for our camping trip. In addition to factors belonging to the tent, we should also consider our personal conditions like our finance and preference.