How To Choose A Cheap Mountain Bike

Hi guys, it is very nice to come back in this post with some more tips and tricks for you to choose to buy a cheap mountain bike. I know that a number of people passionate for biking do not have enough money to afford a new and expensive bike. With a best mtb under 1000 dollars you can consider both new and old items. Of course, there will not have too many choices if you want to look for an old bike.

Anyway, in this article, I want to share with you some further tips and tricks so that you can buy a really good bike for your future trips.

Pick One Out Of Various Types

Having a mountain bike is great but there are a wide variety of types for you to consider. First and foremost, you should understand about some types and figure out the one you like the most.

  • Racing Bike

This bike is suitable for those who have passion for high speed biking. This bike type is designed for the speed on the roads which do not have too many obstacles. It has narrow hand – holders and only weighs from 6 – 10 kilos.

  • Trekking Bike

This is also one great type of bike for trekking and mountain biking. It is durable enough for long trips. A trekking bike is robust to withstand any kind of terrains. It is fully equipped with shields, jacks, lights and trunks.

  • Mountain Bike

This is the very right type of bike for mountain biking features. It has hard – tail or full suspension. In terms of mountain bike, there are several smaller types which are designed, depending on the types of terrains you are going to challenge such as cross country, downhill, dirt, all mountain or just smooth roads.

There are some other types of bikes for you to choose like cross bike, BMX bike, city bike and all terrains bike. You should understand your demands to pick out one most suitable.

Consider New And Old Bikes

Be ready to purchase the mountain bike. The first criterion when purchasing the mountain bike is your financial ability. Please take note some extra money, which will be spent on buying some attached items such as gloves, helmets or apparel. Therefore, your new bike will become more practical and enjoyable for you to get the experience. You can come up with the decent lightweight mountain bike with the price of 300$ as the frame is made of aluminum.

You should spend on buying the lighter mountain bike as it will be easy for you to accelerate as well as climb on. For that reason, you must find out the suitable mountain bike. It means that it suits you with affordable price. And before taking all giddy as well as handing over your budget, simply do more research as follow.

  • New Bikes

You must ensure to get in terms of warranty coming with the mountain bike. If they are model year, please confirm that your warranty will begin as you purchase it rather than when the store takes it in the invention. Besides, you can ask something related to the tune-ups or the follow-up. Currently on the market, almost stores give the free tune-ups from 20-100 days after your date of purchase so as to help you handle with some trouble, which may have delivered the process of break-in.

  • Old Bikes

You must take some note that for any used bike from your relatives or close friends, take a careful look at the bike. Check whether it has the cracked frame or not? Ensure the wheels to be true at all. Besides, test the tires for any problems. The stretched cables and frayed are also needed to be look at. You must be assured the smooth suspension. If necessary, it will be a good decision to have the local store check the used mountain bike. You should be purchasing the quality products as it can last the longevity of the mountain bike.

Bottom Line

These are some small tips and tricks to help you find out the best appropriate bike for you and you will not have to depend too much on the budget. Purchasing an old bike still with high quality is sometimes better than buying a new one with more potential problems. I hope that the information in this post will be useful for you and I promise to bring you more helpful tips in the next articles in this site.