How To Keep Your Shoes Stay Away From The Odor

It is believed that there are 3 types of fruits, which are extremely close in their daily lives, can be used for deodorizing the shoes odor. You will be very surprised if you know these fruits. And maybe now, in your home has also such fruit. Let’s find out the fruits to keep your best shoes for nurses. Please take into account reading this full article to get the basic knowledge.

  • Lemon

Lemon is too familiar in our lives. You used to mix water lemon, add broth during the meal, antiseptic and acne on the face, hands or washing greasy grills. Lemon has a lot of use of the shoe deodorizer.

So, how can we use lemon in odor deodorizer of the shoes? Very simple! You simply move the lemon into thin slices, rub it around the inside surface of shoes. Acid in the lemon will kill fungi and bacteria that cause odor, the scent of lemon will also help dispel odors.

You let shoes dry naturally overnight. In the following morning, you will find shoes of all odors and still retains the aroma of fresh lemon to cool it. In summary, fresh lemon helps to neutralize the smell of shoes.

  • Orange

While lemon is used in shell and lemon juice to rub share on the shoes, then with an orange, you just use their shells only. To deodorizer the shoes odor, it is best to pick fresh oranges with their shells to be able to contain the most aromatic oil!

You tear the orange peel into small pieces with the fingers, spread them inside shoes and leave overnight. You already know the effect of fragrant orange peel. That is the scent to help repel odors from your shoes.

  • Grapefruit

For the shoe deodorizer with grapefruit peel, you should trim the pulp and only get the outer shell, crack hands grapefruit shells to form a small slit. From this slot, aromatic oils of grapefruit will spread out to dominate and take effect of smell deodorizer

As well as lemons and oranges, with grapefruit peel, you should put into the shoes from the night before. 1 night is enough for the natural ingredients to maximize its effects.

Deodorization of shoes with 3 simple fruit and you do not spend too much of your effort. But if you are too busy, having no fruit in this house and you do not have time to go shopping. This article will give the following products to help your shoe deodorizer quickly, efficiently and safely. In other words, the products are made from 100% natural activated carbon bags, all activated charcoal, activated carbon shoe pads and spray deodorant X-Air. Your feet will always be dry, off odor when using these products mentioned above. Furthermore, you can refer some products as below to have richer method in shoes odor deodorization.

Shoes drying in the sun: Exposure to the sun not only shoes for your sport shoes dry out faster, but it also helps to neutralize the smell of shoes. Make sure your shoes dry completely then brought into the house.

+ Sprinkle baking soda: You should prepare two tablespoons of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of deodorizing foot powder, then mix together into two categories. Sprinkle mixture into the shoes for hours.

+ South: This highly effective method will be great in eliminating odors sneakers. End a workout day return you just sprinkle two tablespoons of borax into your shoes. The next morning, you leave it out of the shoe borax and can continue to use the shoes that workout without worrying about odor nuisance shoes.

+ Use fresh lemon: This method is simple, you just prepare yourself a fruit paintings and shredded newspaper. You proceed to do the following: Cut ½ lemon, put out two newspapers, squeeze lemon juice on the newspaper. Crump newspaper and place in each shoe for at least eight hours.

+ Cedar wood or chips: You can arrive to sell wood to buy pieces of cedar wood, place inside each of your shoe until you need to take them out, the smell of wood will make the smell in the shoes disappear.

+ Cornstarch: Mix 4 tablespoons of cornstarch with 10 to 12 drops of essential oil with your favorite fragrance. Equal, then sprinkle cornstarch into each shoe, leave overnight.

+ Green tea: Mix one cup of green tea, then let cool. Tea water in a spray bottle and sprayed into the shoe, wait until the shoes are dry.

+ Vodka: For cheap vodka fill small spray bottle, spray the inside sports shoes or socks, let dry for several hours, then it will reduce odor.

+Coffee grounds or tea dregs drying: You can put a thin cloth, wrap and put in the shoes. This way will make the shoes dry get off the odors.