Longboard: Best Tips For Choosing

We know that skaters cannot skate without a board. However, each style will be suitable with one type of board. These days, the best longboards are being more favored on the grounds that it brings new experience, more fun as well as more challenges. Choosing such a kind is not simple for our skaters. Therefore, in this article, I will give you the best tips for buying a longboard.

  1. Understand more about a longboard

The longboard is a kind of skateboard which is designed with a flat surface. Its length is absolutely more outstanding and impressive than that of any other type in the market. As usual, 80 – 150 centimeter is the most common range of longboard’s length. The skaters will base on their skating style to choose the appropriate length.

About the using purposes, a longboard is often utilized in racing, skating or used as a vehicle like bike. For such purposes, it requires the longboard to be very durable. Therefore, the durability is always the very first factor that all the skaters have to take into consideration. In the next part, I will tell you more about the how to choose this board.

  1. Consider all factors

  • The material

Some people underestimate the importance of the longboard’s material. However, this factor will affect the weight, the durability and the flexibility of the longboard during the using. It will be a mistake if you ignore this factor when you choose to buy a longboard. Here are some common materials.

  • Longboard made of wood

Wood material is considered to be the most common material to make the longboard nowadays. The wood material helps the board be durable. It is also able to increase the strength of the board.

It is very interesting that if you can even use it for longer, its durability is still kept. That is why beginners are favored of wooden longboards.

  • Longboard made of bamboo

The number of longboards made of bamboo in being increased in the market on the grounds that bamboo material is much lighter, which makes it easy to be carried by the skaters.

  • Longboard made of carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is the most expensive material on the grounds that the process to produce this material is very complicated. This is also the best material in the market today. It is durable and sturdy and the weight is really light. It allows the skaters to speed up easily and perform their most beautiful steps.

As the longboard is used for racing and performing, the material, durability and the flexible are the three most important factors in choosing. Therefore, you had better have a detailed analysis.

  • The length and shape for the longboard

Even though the longboard is a kind in skateboards, it still consists of several smaller types, each of which is appropriate for different skating style.

  • For racing

If you are addicted to racing, you ought to buy a longboard that is narrow towards the left and right. This will help to increase the speed of racing.

  • For skating in concave terrain

When you skate in concave terrain, the most important point is that it is high at speed but it needs to keep stability. Thus, the flat longboard is much more compatible.

  • Other factors

In addition to the factors above, we will have to consider some more such as the width of the longboard. If our bodies are large, the longboard should be wide. By contrast, we will choose the smaller longboard when our bodies are smaller.

The width of a longboard varies form 7.5 – 8.5 inches. It is better to test the longboard by skating it for some minutes. You will have the right feeling.

There are also some other factors that have impacts on the durability of the longboard. These are some most significant for you to consider.

Bottom line: a longboard should be chosen carefully as it is significant to the safety of every skater. I believe that with the tips above, you could be able to buy a most satisfactory longboard. If you want to get more information about the price of this product, you also can update our posts more regularly.