Skateboard: All Things You Should Know

Are you a skater? Are you well – informed of characteristics of a skateboard? These are the most common questions that will be asked when you take a course about skating. Today I will provide you all the things related to the skateboard.

  1. Functions

You know that a skateboard is used to skate. It is very simple to understand this. It is the only vehicle for all the skaters in the world who want to challenge themselves on every road. Therefore, we can say that the skateboard takes the main role in skating.  Here, I will focus on analyzing the functions of a skateboard.

  • To skate

Of course, a skateboard is produced to support skating. As said above, the only vehicle for this sport is the skateboard.

Types of skateboards will allow you to skate on types of terrain and each of them will provoke different satisfaction in each situation. Skating will bring you a lot of dangers. If you are beginners, you will have to learn about the skateboard more.

  • To overcome obstacles

Unlike biking or motorbike racing that requires your hand control, skating requires the control of your feet on the skateboard. If you know to skate, you will be able to avoid obstacles on the roads. In addition, you will get the great feeling when you overcome the hindrances.

  • To jump and perform

Jumping and performing will make your impressive in front of all people. With the use of a skateboard, your performance will look more attractive. In the contest, you may become one of the best talented skaters if you can control the skateboard well.

  1. Features

You know that every professional skater knows about the features of their skateboards. Of course, only by learning about the board, can we understand and control it. In this part, I will help you to know about its features.

  • The board

The board is of the most importance on the grounds that the feet of skaters will be put on this area so that they could stand up and move. Even when skaters have performance on the air, their feet have to be stick to the board.

As usual, a traditional board is made of wood layers. 7 is the maximum in the number of layers for a skateboard. This increases the durability of the board and helps skaters keep their balance during skating.

  • The board width

The width of the board also takes an important part in keeping safety and balance for the skates. However, the width of different boards will be suited to different performing steps in skating.

It is said that you will perform more easily if the board is wide but you cannot keep balance as well as when you use a more narrow board. Therefore, you need to know how to harmonize these factors in order to keep safety and still performed more professionally.

  • The wheel

The wheel is the most important in the moving system of the skateboard. When the skaters put one foot on the board and use the other to create pushing force, the wheels will run and bring them far from the first position.

The wheels should have a protective layer so that the dust cannot destroy them. In addition, when the dust erodes the wheels, the friction will be reduced so it will be no longer safe for us to skate. At that time, it is necessary to buy a new pair of wheels.

  • The board design

The board design means the shape and size of the board. In terms of choosing the most suitable designs, it depends on many factors, particularly our body sizes and our ability.

  1. How to choose

To choose a good and suitable skateboard before practicing, we need to pay attention to the following points.

  • Out style

Our style is the first factor we have to take into account. You know that each skater will have their distinct characteristics so they will skate in different styles. That is the reason why each of them has a specific skateboard.

If the skaters have special interest in dangerous and risky skating, of course, they will choose the different board from that of those who give their concern to traditional skating or street skating.

Thus, first, we have to determine the style we will focus on and then analyze to gather all the needed characteristics of a skateboard.

  • The quality

All skaters want to buy a skateboard of high quality but not all of them know how to choose. To know how good a board for skating is, you had better test all the parts as we mentioned in the first part. You will know what width is suitable and which design is appropriate.

  • The price

The price should be the final factor you consider but it is the first factor to decide what you will buy. We cannot deny that a skateboard is very expensive so if you decide to break up for this kind of sport, you will have to save money and invest in it smartly.

In the present market, many bad manufacturers sell low quality skateboards but the price is still as high as the real ones. If you do not have any knowledge about the board, your choice will become a failure.

I believe that with such information, you will be able to find out a really good one for your style.