The Best Instructions For Buying A Camping Cot

A lot of people choose to go camping to escape from the hustle of bustle of busy life as well as set a limit on the amount of work stress. However, many of them are facing worse when they have camping trips. In fact, you can absolutely get away from your busy life with better sleep in the camping site.

Think of seeing the aurora after getting up. That will be your awesome experience. To bring you more comfort and convenience, it is advisable to select a good cot for camping. Well, in this article, we are about to give you the best instructions in this field and some camping cots review to consult in.

Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Camping Cot

First and foremost, it is of importance to go into details for strengths and weaknesses of a camping cot. As you can probably guess, a camping cot has limited height which is just equal to that of a normal bed. There is some space under the cot to store utensils.

Like other equipment, a camping cot shows both strong and weak points. Here, we will make it clear for you.

  • Strong Points

In general, a camping cot has several strong points which can satisfy your requirement as bellows.

  • Provides comfort for lying
  • Keep you high above the ground
  • Provide more storage space
  • Make it easier for you to get in and out of the cot
  • Help you get access to cool air in the summer
  • Help prevent insects from getting in the cot

With a camping cot, you will feel cool if using it in the hot weather but it can cause coldness at night or in the winter. A number of people use a blanket as a solution to this problem or even carpet the cot before sleeping.

One outstanding point is that the camping cot can be folded as designed, which is much convenient for carrying out as well as packing. However, you cannot put a cot into your backpack that is too small. Therefore, using a camping cot will be suitable for long trip by cars.

  • Weak Points

In addition to strong points, utilizing a camping cot has weaknesses such as

  • It is too heavy to packing and carrying it out
  • It is not designed to keep warm or reduce moisture
  • It can stick to the ground of it is moist and soft

More specific, if you use the cot for a winter camping trip, you will get cold easily for the reason that the cot does not have edges to prevent strong wind even though you use a thick blanket.

Besides, you cannot hang the cot in a tree so some reptiles such as snack can get into the cot and bite you, which is dangerous. Therefore, when you decide to choose the cot for sleeping, you will have to check the camping site very carefully and make sure that it’s always safe.

Types And Materials Of A Camping Cot

In the market, you can find out a large number of camping cots made of different materials. Here are some types suggested for you.

  • Camping Cot With Foam Mattress

A camping cot of this type will certainly provide you comfort and softness for your bodies. It will be a great choice for camping in the summer, winter and spring. The suspension is insured with spring coils. The foam mattress help you feel comfortable while lying and it is good for release sweat.

  • Camping Cot With Elastic Cloth Mattress

Elastic cloth mattress allows you act strongly and even jump on the cot. The elastic cloth is soft but difficult to be torn. The mattress has a good tension, too. Interestingly, it is very easy to clean this mattress.

  • Camping Cot With Canvas Mattress

With a canvas mattress camping cot, you will not be afraid of water to stick to the mattress. The canvas mattress can be dried quickly with just a small cloth. However, the canvas materials do not have a good tension so you have to care for it more.

Other Criteria

After considering the types and materials, you will need to pay heed to the legs and folding joints of the camping cot. Check all of them to ensure that the camping cot is firm and can be folded smoothly.

A lot of camping cots have back seat so their legs are designed more complex. If you choose this type, you had better get into details for the material and structure of the legs.


A set of camping cot will surely make you deep in your sleep and increase your mental relaxation outside. Follow these instructions and pick up the best cot for your camping trip. We will provide more tips if you need for the purpose of choosing as well as making use of a camping cot.