The Preferred Type Of Top Guns In Legend Campaign

Here are the top 3 favorite guns leading the Legend Campaign that all gamers are eager to obtain.

  • Sniper Rifles (Awm)

A sniper rifle is a gun containing the least bullet among all types of gun in LegendCampaign. Generally,it can only be under 10 bullets (in some case that all players just use a gun with only 1 bullet), it’s surprising that sniper rifles are the popular leader in PK.

A sniper rifle is a rifle dedicated to shooting the target at long distances with high precision than any other firearm, it is used for so many different purposes, but usually induties of military field. It is manufactured with high precision, which is usually supported by attaching different types of a viewfinder. Currently, sniper rifle is a term often used to refer to the rifle with high accuracy and appends a closed tube.

The biggest advantage of a sniper rifle is a very high accuracy, the snipers are ensured to have 100% accuracy rate. It means that if you consider exactly the center of the target at the time of preparation to pull the trigger, the bullet will surely hit. Viewfinder range allows you to shoot the enemy from afar and difficult corners. Along with is the far range and large damage.

The downside of a sniper rifle ammo is that the little bullet are overcome by bringing a machine gun or rifle together, or even another way is to equip the sniper rifle ammo box containing a little more (6 to 10 bullets) instead of just one bullet as AWM.

  • The Machine Gun

The machine gun is also known as colt machine gun, is a fully automatic rifle, which is capable of firing a long-range, mounted on pedestals, usually mounted on the vehicle carrying in  the motor. In LegendCampaign, machine gun group has also the largest number of bullets, the highest rate of shooting, which is generally preferred to use by people who prefer the exciting game, as well as climax actions.

The machine gun is introduced in the game including MG3, MG4, M60, and M16A3 LMG.

At the present time with their superiority, although it has been launched for a short time, (07/01/2016) RPK machine gun is quickly reached the sights of the most demanding gamers. First, RPK fully inherits the advantages of machine guns line as the fast rate of shooting, a large number of bullets, which can damage and armor piercing capabilities.

RPK is the features that gamers are sought to overcome some inherent disadvantages of machine gun flow rate as low accuracy, or bullets instead long time.

  • Comparison Between Rpk Machine Gun And M4a1rifles

Compared with the same type B namedMG4machine gun, RPK is quite similar in strength. Having greater damage, but RPKshares the slower rate of shooting speed. RPK ammunition boxes are smaller, but it has faster reload speed compared to MG4, which can be said to be pretty par. This advantage helps RPK best MG4 located in exact proportion to the ratio of RPK exactly compared to the half the correct ratio of MG4.

  • Rifle Gun

The rifle is the most popular gun in LegendCampaign. With the ability to damage strongly, high-precision capabilities, and especially very maneuverable. The iconic gun rifles like AK47’s, M4A1, M16A2 are fully converged as important factors such as strong damage, high precision, and maneuverability.

According to the assessment of many gamers, M4A1 rifles are currently “hot”, which occupies the unique position in the rifles. With a very high level of damage, large ammo box, fast loading speed, moderate recoil, M4A1 is the inevitable choice of all players in Legend Campaign.

Besides, we can classify the guns as the follows:

  • The A, B, C Gun

Another feature to note when considering this classification is that the only gun C can be up to a maximum of 1 moon, while guns and rifles A and B can up to a maximum of 3 -lifetime moon.

Classification by color and level the gun

The color of the gun frame shows the level of gun upgrades, and corresponds to the color is gun icons star-shaped level and a crescent moon.

  • White Gun

White Guns are the lowest gun in the level in the system to life, corresponding to the level of 1 star. White gun can be upgraded up to level 10.

  • Pistol

The pistol is superior to live from a white gun, corresponding to the 2-star level. Pistols can be upgraded up to Level 20.

  • Blue Guns

Blue gun is a gun updated from the pistol, corresponding to the star level of 3 stars, 4 stars and 5 stars. The maximum level up corresponds to the level of 3 star, 4 star and 5 star is 30, 40 and 45. It can easily be seen in all the game in Legend Campaign.