Things You Need To Know About The Epilator’s Performance

Today, with the development of technology as weapons of the protection and science and technology, cosmetic industry also has a huge breakthrough in the beauty and health of our customers. The technology of the best epilator is one of them. In this article, the author would like to introduce to you the products with machine safety and efficiency that prices are reasonable and the most satisfied customers.

Diode Laser Apolo Epilator

  • Operating Principle

The Diode Laser Apolo epilator machines use laser diode light waves to put deep impact on the hair follicle, destroying the hair follicle cells and blocking blood vessels that will supply nutrients to the hair coat from the original dies, splitting the hair follicles from skin cells, thereby hairs are removed completely. Machines of Diode Laser Apolo works to tighten pores, stimulate collagen subcutaneous tissue system development, the new cell regeneration for smooth, youthful, thoroughly overcome the hair follicle inflammation .

The technology of Diode Laser Apolo epilator also has improved emits steady energy level exactly perpendicular pattern sharp intensity, finding the right focus areas treated without affecting the normal cells pulsed turning.

APOLO – HS 320 Epilator

  • Operating Principle

Apolo- HS 320 epilator uses pulsed light, which is a strong light source, and a broad spectrum of wavelengths 420 nm-1200nm and SHR lens (690 nm – 950 nm). This light energy is projected onto the skin after being absorbed by the chromophores particularly in the skin and turn into heat energy, through photothermal absorption principle selectively. Meanwhile, bipolar RF will response generated due to the heat and thermal conductivity of the tissue that lines ions to create activities to comply with the physics of the impedance, called the electric flow, which will always come according to the minimum impedance. Similarly with DIODE LASER APOLO, light energy would have an impact deep into the hair follicle to destroy the cells and block the blood vessels that supply nutrients to the hair, making hair from the root death, separation from hair follicles skin cells and completely remove the hair and never grow back.

IPL SHR Elight K8I Permanent Epilator

  • Principle Of Operation

Machine IPL- SHR permanent epilator uses IPL technology, a technology that uses high-intensity light from flashlamp light bulb through the filter at different levels in a very short time (about 1 – 20 milliseconds) and can be divided into different pulses. The pulse energy will be mild localized treatment options and does not affect the surrounding skin, without causing side effects. Besides the effect permanent hair reduction and skin types of different feathers, the SHR- IPL permanent epilator is also effective treatment for rosacea, spider veins, skin damage caused by sun, age spots, pores and uneven skin color. The course of treatment with IPL will make your skin smoother and younger looking.

Epilator With Efficiency And Safety

  • Effective

+ Body hair removal permanently

+ Skin rejuvenation

+ Remove wrinkles

+ Acne Treatment

+ Treatment of melasma sun, freckles, vascular lesions and facial blemishes.

+ Spider capillary treatment

+ Care and rejuvenation.

  • Safe

Due to using technology and light energy, the treatment according to the choice, the epilator can offer absolute safety for the user. Painless, does not affect the skin around, do not leave scars and sequelae. The recipient can be assured treatment.

The device components and products are explored, and the error is measured so precisely calculated to every incident that may occur. Therefore, the operator is also trained and introduced the manual for use of this machine.

Laser Diode 8008nm Epilator

  • Portable Laser Diode L808L epilator can emit light rays with a wavelength of 810 nm fixed (nanometers), using the energy 120J / cm2, which can be adjusted to ensure high stability of the laser output. Glowing pulse method helps improve efficiency dual therapy and appropriateness in achieving the most effective therapy.
  • The entire system is designed perfectly for touch screen adjustment, pedals and hand treatment. The handle can be taken directly to the treated skin area, pedals and handles boot simultaneously to light, which is emitted simultaneously. The handle has to be cooled to ensure continuous and stable temperature and maximum safety for skin therapy.

  • Parameter lighting and other functions are adjusted on the system screen touch interface.
  • Full touch interface
  • The latest technology in laser hair removal diode uses semiconductor light principle selectively heat going into the epidermis, hair follicle temperature to rise to the level sufficient to destroy germ cells without doing affects the epidermal skin layer and the skin surrounding the organization. This germ cells after being exerted by the laser will decompose into scum and macrophages, which are excreted from the body.
  • Advantage

+ Cooling System 4 ° C from scratch sapphire to create comfort, absolute safety and without causing pain to the client feels.

+ Remove hair quickly, shorten operation time to perform high speed hair removal mode.

+ Color touch screen with clear intelligence software to interact with the user and easily advanced.

+ The dual mode of hair removal hair removal tradition (HR) and mode (FHR): super speed hair removal.

+ The density of high energy laser output can be reached up to 80J / cm2 in the traditional mode laser hair removal (HR), and up to 20j / cm2 in the super-speed hair removal mode (FHR)

+ Do not restrict to transfer any water system with micro-channel cooling, which is more environmentally avoid Freon but can be guaranteed quality.