Things You Should Know About Softball

Softball is a kind of sport that is very famous throughout the Western countries, especially in the USA. The sport has the participation of a number of young people. Even though it is quite difficult to learn to play softball, players accept to receive challenges and obstacles to master it. In playing softball, it is required for players to prepare all necessary equipment and the softball bat is one of the most important things. In this article, I will give you introduction about softball and the importance of a softball bat.

  1. The introduction

You know that softball is one of the first sports created in the USA so it is the pride of people here. According to some surveys, people also say that this sport is much affected by another kind of sport named cricket.

Softball became a traditional sport in America and for decades, it has been promoted in many other nations and is now a very famous sport. Almost all softball players believe that playing softball gives a chance to combine their all skills and their brain to create more strategies.

The rules in playing softball are quite complicated but when we clarify, it will be much easier to understand.

  1. The softball bat

Each softball player has to prepare their own softball bat which they feel used to. The bat is usually made of smooth materials like wood and metal. In terms of the rules, there have two teams playing in a match and one pitcher will tee the ball towards the other team.

  • The specification

After the ball is teed, we will use the softball bat to hit the ball. The bat must be designed suitable with the hands of players. As usual, the bat is about 42 inches in the length and 2.75 inches in the diameter and about 1 kilo in the weight. The softball bat will be hit by the batter.

  • Types of softball bats

Almost all the softball bats have the same functions but the design and the material can be different. The bats of different brands will be different in the design, weight and the material.

  • The importance

The softball bat is indispensable. You know that without the bat, the batter cannot catch the ball with their hands. More severely, if the ball hits the batters, they will have wounds in their bodies, particularly in their eyes.

In addition, if there is no softball bat, between two teams, there will have less attraction to the audience.

  1. Other equipment for playing softball

Apart from the softball bat, the players have to prepare more equipment as bellows.

  • The gloves

If the batter needs a softball bat then the pitcher will need gloves to tee and catch the ball. When the ball is back, the force is very strong so if the pitchers do not wear the gloves, their hands will be wounded.

  • The helmet

The batter will have to wear a softball helmet so that the ball teed will not hit their faces. There will have hard and sturdy metal frames to prevent the ball from hitting our noses and eyes.

  • The softball costumes

Like other kinds of sports, in playing softball, all players have to wear softball costumes which can protect players’ bodies. We cannot ignore the risk that the ball and the bat attack the players even though they are all skillful enough.

  • The ball

Like the bat, the ball is also indispensable. The ball’s characteristics make the sport named softball. To illustrate, soft rubber is utilized to make the softball and the leather is used to make the cover layer.

2.7 – 3 inches is the standard diameter of the softball. In the layer of the ball, you can see the vivid threads that are used to decorate as well as to sew all the leather pieces.

However, one thing you should know is that the ball that is soft is used for players to practice. The material for making a softball for real matches will be wood. Wood material is processed and covered by a leather layer. Therefore, it will be much more dangerous for players when they have to deal with the teeing line of the ball.