Tips For Choosing A Stove For Travelling

These days, people often bring food and a stove to cook for themselves when they have a camping trip or travel far from home. As eating in the restaurant is very expensive so cooking with a backpacking stove will reduce a lot of expenditure.In this article, I will give you tips for choosing this stove. In other words, I will mention some criteria for buying it.

  1. Some activities that need this stove

We will need the travelling stove in several cases whereby we have a long period outside. Here is a list of activities that will need a stove like this.

  • Summer vacation
  • Hiking in the winter
  • For boiling water
  • Travel with light luggage
  • Travel in a group of five or more
  • Go camping
  • Travel abroad

For each kind of activities, we will have to choose the most suitable stove and here are some for those listed above.

  • Multi – functional stove
  • Gas/ liquid fuel stove
  • Mini stove with a gas bottle

We should not bring an electrical stove on the grounds that there will have no electric power if we go camping outside or go hiking.

  1. Your requirements for the stove

A lot of people who have a picnic use the stove that can boil water quickly to process the food and to melt the frozen meat while others want to buy the stove that has the ability to control the boiling temperature exactly to support cooking.

Manufacturers have given the estimated number about the time for boiling water from the average boil temperature. However, there has been no standard to measure the boiling time of the stove. Therefore, we should try on several types of stoves before choosing one to have the exact estimation.

  1. Some information about the stove for travelling

Some stoves can help us boil the water very quickly and it uses very little energy. However, it is not effective for cooking on the grounds that it focuses on boiling.

Some other types can help you cook within a short time but it will consume a lot of gas or energy. It depends on your requirements and the characteristics of your activities to choose the best one.

For example, if you go camping with your families and you fish for more food, you will need a cooking stove for cooking the fish meat. However, you bring a lot of canned food that can be eaten directly then you will only need a small stove for boiling water.

  1. The time for your travel

It is obvious that you cannot use the stove all the time when you travel. Even though using a travelling stove can help you save a lot of money, you had better enjoy some food of the local areas.

In addition, you will have to base on the length of your trip to figure out the amount of food you will bring to cook. Each stove will have its own limited capacity so if you bring too much food, you will have no stove to cook if the stove runs out of energy.

You ought to make a plan in details for what and when you will cook with the stove. You will bring a lot of luggage so you cannot bring a heavy stove with high capacity.

  1. Some criteria for choosing a travelling stove

Here are some criteria that you can base on.

  • Easy to use

A stove for travel must be easy to use. During our travel, there will have a lot of trouble. If it is too difficult to use a stove, people will get angry easily. In addition, there is not much time to learn about using a stove. Therefore, it should be easy to use.

  • Compact

The stove needs to be compact. Your baggage may be bulky so you have to reduce the weight of the stove.

  • Generate heat quickly

The stove has to generate quickly so that it can help us save time in cooking. We will have good meals in a short time and have more time to take part in other activities.

These are some tips for choosing a travel stove. I hope that you will have quick meals with this stove.